Proven Diet For Weight Loss

picture (2)First of all one should be mentally prepared for trying this diet, Yes it is proven that if you follow this particular diet you will lose dinner for weight loss indian but don’t expect miracles overnight as one cannot loss weight overnight. But I can assure you if you follow this diet you will loss 2.5 Kg to 5 Kg a month. If with this diet you do a daily workout for half an hour like jogging or cycling you will be able to get the perfect figure maximum within four months. While you are on this diet you have to avoid Non vegetarian and fried foods, eggs, colas, sugar though you can use oil to prepare vegetable but try to use oil as less as possible. So once you are mentally prepared let me tell you what you have to keep in store, lemons, Honey, wheat flour, cornflakes, rice, pulse, curd, cucumber, tomatoes and whatever fruits you like.

The days begins with sunrise so once you wake up the first thing you should do is make a glass of lemonade and instead of sugar put two tablespoon of honey in it. As sugar do have a lot of calorie and honey with lemon juice helps loss healthy indian dinner recipes for weight loss. After that you can do your daily routine morning job and in breakfast have one bowl of cornflakes with toned milk and the bowl should not be larger than your palm and if I say one bowl that doesn’t means you fill the bowl with cornflakes. For lunch have one flat Indian bread made of wheat flour, one bowl of rice with pulse and curd, take one cucumber, one tomato and make salad of it and squeeze one lemon on it and add a pinch of salt.

Now for dinner have two flat Indian bread with pulses and salad of tomato and cucumber as you had in lunch. So this should be your diet for three months though in between breakfast, lunch and dinner if you feel very hungry you can have fruits but be careful you should not be eating more than half at a time like half banana or half apple but don’t eat half jackfruit or half pineapple – this is just to suppress the urge of eating. Now you have the whole diet and let me tell you how it works. The diet is just to keep you healthy so that you should not fall sick and it includes all necessary ingredients required for a body with very less calorie. Now your body will be getting all the nutrition it requires except too much of fat and carbohydrates. You are having food with less calories – whenever your body requires calories it will burn the fat in your body to calories, so it is all natural, no harmful effects.

In normal course what happens if we are having high calorie food the body will utilize the calorie required for it from the food and the rest get deposited as fat in our body. For the best results while having the diet try to avoid using vehicles as much as possible use bicycle or you can walk if the distance is not too much and as I said before just do any type of exercise daily for 30 minutes and I bet you will lose indian diet plan for weight loss in one month.

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